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Access skills development courses customized to your needs. Our self-paced courses draw on the latest global know-how and technology in youth and adult learning.

What WeLearn Stands For

WeLearn is a bold new initiative within UN Women to create a world where every individual has access to a quality education that opens the door to employment opportunities to become economically empowered within their lives. Today, tens of millions of girls are being denied access to education around the world. According to UNESCO’s 2015 Education for All Global Monitoring Report, 48% of all girls in the world will never go to school, depriving them of the necessary knowledge and skills required for obtaining decent work.

The hurdles that exist are many and varied. War and civil unrest, deep poverty, harmful societal norms and practices like child marriage, repressive gender roles and customs, and a myriad of other factors have all contributed to the fact that a significant gap exists in women and girls’ access to education and employment. Yet in this age of growing connectedness through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s), social networks, and other online resources, the tools to deliver innovative educational programmes have never been more accessible.

It is in UN Women’s role as a leader in addressing these hurdles and leveraging modern technologies and techniques to promote gender equality that WeLearn is founded. As a free virtual learning platform, WeLearn will support women and girls to overcome physical, financial, and other barriers to education and learning.

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